Why Indian students are not able to learn English?

We have found 7 top reasons that Indian students find it hard to learn English.

The FIRST reason

The FIRST reason is that our education system does not have good and trained English teachers.

Most of them, in India, do not have teaching aptitude also they do not know sufficient English language to teach sufficiently.

English teachers in India just show off their skills in front of students so that students treat them with uttermost respect by considering them wisest.

When it comes to teaching the teachers try to teach which is the only thing they should NOT do.

The job of a teacher is to facilitate the learning process and to enable the students to develop the ability to learn on their own. This is what they are not doing.

If they do this, they will not only be respected, they will be worshipped.

English Teachers only pass their judgment on students that you must do this or that. Instead of teaching them, they criticize them and due to this, the very interest in learning a new language becomes null.

So due to this students lose their confidence while learning a new language And if someone loses their confidence how they can learn something new.


The SECOND reason

The SECOND reason is that classes are filled to the capacity.

And due to this it is impossible for an English teacher to give individual attention and guide them efficiently or track the progress of students.


The THIRD reason

The THIRD reason is that English teachers have too many responsibilities to fulfil and therefore, they cannot concentrate on their first responsibility of teaching English. So they make the students cram the answers and focus more on completing the syllabus and pass the examination.


The FOURTH reason

The FOURTH reason is that neither the teachers, nor the students know the ultimate aim of teaching / learning English.

Students too, learn the things to pass the examination not to gain knowledge from it.

They learn answers, essays, and letters in verbatim, and write those answers, essays, and letters in verbatim.

Most of the English teachers still use the obsolete Translation-cum-Grammar method of teaching English.

They do not know about the latest advancements made in teaching strategies.

They teach with their old methods.

Nor are they interested, because there is no monetary reciprocation.

For example

Teachers, who earn 5,000 to 15,000 INR, think that what is the point in putting extra efforts?

Teachers who earn 50,000 to 1,50,000 INR, also think that what is the point when they are receiving such a hefty salary.?

If a student studying in English medium school then teachers there presume that students must know English and anyhow have to speak English.
and talking about Hindi medium school English teachers over there they don’t give a damn about English.

The Indian Education system is still based on the old system of examinations in which one can secure good marks by cramming the questions asked in the last 5 years, from cheap guides.

Because of this cramming thing, the students never learn to express themselves.

The Indian Education system concentrates only on the written exams.

No speech training is provided at any level of education.

The oral communication skills are neither taught nor tested.


The FIFTH reason

The FIFTH reason is that the books which are prescribed in the syllabus have no relevance to the needs of the students.

Those books simply teach English literature which CANNOT be used in everyday conversations. So in order to learn the English language, we need some conversational books which help in learning and understanding the language.

Also, the school’s libraries are filled with boring books, written by boring and highly experienced teachers, who take pride in writing things in ACADEMESE, which consumes a lot of time in reading and deciphering. No one wants to read those things.

The students do not have access to books worth reading, it becomes almost impossible for Indian students to learn English.


The SIXTH reason

The SIXTH reason is the schools/colleges avoid using anything which has a price tag attached to it. Their only intention is to SAVE MONEY. & EARN MONEY.
So they don’t invest in things which can help student to make English language more interesting


The SEVENTH reason

The SEVENTH reason is new supplementary subjects (like Environmental Science, Entrepreneurship Development, etcetera) are being introduced, and this leaves very little or no time for students to learn English.

Because of these 7 reasons, predominately, it is very hard for Indian students to learn English.