Benefits of Reading Comprehension?

Let’s start with the word meaning. Comprehension means understanding ( समझ ) and Comprehend means ( समझना )

A man who can read, can learn anything, ANYONE has ever learnt.

Oscar Wilde

We all have answered reading comprehension questions in our exam. let me refresh your memory. Reading comprehension are an exercise in which we are given couple of paragraphs or extract from some source. and based on that we are asked some questions which we have to answer after reading the paragraphs.

3 Steps in Reading Comprehension
1. Reading
2. Comprehending
3. Answering

Reading comprehension is a big part of question paper whether in school exam or any competitive exam because any officer, professional has to read a lot of paperwork during his work such as letter, notes, memo, etc so to take right decision after reading that’s why it is important to check one’s comprehending power.

Why people are weak in reading comprehension?

  1. In our schools, the teacher used to mark the answers in the textbooks. Students don’t do it themselves. They don’t teach you how to express something in our own words after they finish a chapter.
  2. Most of the parents don’t allow their children to read any book apart from the syllabus. In most homes, children don’t get exposed to good books & magazines.
  3. Students also don’t read any other books & magazines. Students are more culprit than teachers and parents. they don’t want to touch any other books apart from academics.

    This is why they don’t learn this basic and mandatory skill of reading comprehension.

How to learn Reading Comprehension?

If you are preparing for any competitive exam or you are a student who wants to improve their comprehending power then you must take the exercises related to reading comprehension.

Types of Questions based on Reading Comprehension –

  1. Cloze test
  2. Sentences correction
  3. Spot the error
  4. Fill in the blanks
  5. Jumbled paragraphs
  6. Synonyms / Antonyms

Reading passages will develop grammatical sense inside you. Reading passages will develop your vocabulary & improve your guessing power.

Reading will also help you gain the information based on English literature, history, current affairs, etc due to this it will also improve your GK & GA.

Spend 1 Hour Daily in Reading comprehension.

Make audio notes while learning new concepts this way is the best for revision that you can listen to your own notes anytime anywhere.