Best Books for Learning English?

Excellent Books for Learning English

If you want to learn the English language then you must learn from excellent books available in the market. First, we should learn sentences of the language and then go to its grammar. If you want to learn extremely well English then it is very important to learn from excellent books.

1. English Conversation Practice – Grant Taylor

Reading this book will help you in developing grammatical sense.

2. Essential English Grammar – Raymond Murphy

This book helps in learning the basics of English grammar. It won’t teach descriptive grammar. You will automatically understand what to do and what not to do.

3. English Grammar for Dummies – Geraldine Woods

This book has a lot of good examples with simple English. It has a great sense of humor in it. It is simple yet interesting. If you’re doing engineering then you must read this book.


4. Practical English Usage – Michael Swan

This book teaches us adequate English, not enough nor less. International Student Edition. If you haven’t learned English from 3-4 years then you won’t be able to utilize the full potential of this book. You will get to know the difference between British & American English. We should try to learn Americal English. It is written in a conversational tone. If you ever want to teach English then you must read this book.
This book is best for the preparation of international competitive exams as well.

5. Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis

To improve English vocabulary. This is the best book available yet.


6. On Writing Well – William Zinsser

What is the right way to write English? you will get to know from this book. It’s a small book but has the whole world in it. Often a student who gets high marks usually writes more. Sometimes wanting to write more we forget to write to the point. This is a drawback when we write answers for any descriptive paper. You will get to know the right way to write official documents. It has a limitation that it didn’t talk about punctuation and formatting.

7. The Elements of Style

From this book, you will learn the punctuation & formatting exactly. It will make writing style alive. If you read this book very well then you would be able to find fault from THE HINDU newspaper.

8. Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable

If you want to learn details of English words or improve GK of the English language. An expert is one who knows necessary information but with that, he also knows the useless information. If you study from this book you don’t learn only words but also learn about idioms and phrases.

9. Rapidex Self Letter Drafting Course

This book has all the letters that you can write in your whole life. There is no letter left which you can’t write after reading this book. You will know the writing tone. for example, someone will get to know that you are angry in your letter or vice versa.


10. Compact Oxford Reference Dictionary

In this book, the difficult word is explained using simple words. you will get the exact meaning of any word.

11. Cambridge International Dictionary of English

The advantage of this book is to understand the meaning of any word it has used good sentences.


12. Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms

Another great dictionary with Examples given along with the word meaning.